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Health is the integrative process that moves us along the continuum between

illness and wellness,

suffering and well-being,

fear and love.



Modern Medicine

Modern medicine defines health as the absence of disease. As healthcare reform evolves in the US, we are beginning to understand that health is a social and community responsibility and includes much more than the absence or presence of disease.

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Human life has become a state of constant activity, and we have lost how to just be. This has led to a disintegration of body, mind, and spirit rendering many of us in a waxing and waning state of perpetual dis-ease. Recognizing that our state of health is so much more than access to healthcare, many people are struggling to find a path to true health and VIBRANT LIVING.

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Ancient Medicine

Ancient medicine defines health in terms of vitality. Recognizing that we are an integrated Mind, Body, Spirit, the ancient traditions of healthcare served to maintain that integration.

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Dr. Jennifer K Clark, MD

Why is it that we continue to allow ourselves to suffer unnecessarily? Why is it that we find ease in describing when we are ill, yet we are unable to describe what it feels like to be vibrant? These questions have driven the personal and professional work of Dr. Jennifer Clark.

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