Dr. Clark is an allopathic physician who has practiced Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Palliative Medicine for nearly twenty-five years.  From the bedside to the boardroom and beyond, Dr. Clark has served to heal, educate, and innovate toward the relief suffering and promotion of well-being.  Currently, Dr. Clark volunteers as a medical liaison at Clarehouse, Tulsa’s home for dying people and as a board member for the Omega Home Network,  a non-profit national membership organization that fosters the development of community homes for end-of-life care.  Additionally, Dr. Clark is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Tulsa where she co-directs the Design Your Health curriculum. She also provides consultative services for individuals, organizations, and communities seeking to create cultures and environments of flourishing. As seen in her 2019 TEDx event at the University of Tulsa, Dr. Clark uses these experiences to directly challenge our society’s definition of health. 

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